Debbie L.

Shelby’s Watch is AWESOME!!  We were in a situation and had to leave town for the weekend and everyone that could possibly watch our dog Pixie was not available.  With our busy schedules, we didn’t have time to go through the phone book to find a kennel, so we contacted our friends that own Shelby’s Watch.   I remembered seeing one of their ads that came through on my Facebook feed that mentioned they provided a pet service while your family is away and that your pets are happier and healthier in their own home.    Renee and James came to our house the day before we left for the weekend to spend time with our dog and to have us fill them in on Pixie’s daily routine.  They were very professional and personable which made us feel very comfortable with our decision to go with their company.  After the meeting with the Shelby’s, we had peace of mind that our house would be safe and Pixie would be well taken care of.   I would strongly recommend this service to my friends and family in the future! The next time we leave town for the weekend, we are definitely going with Shelby Watch!

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