Heather P

I have known James for about 20 years. He is a very straight forward trustworthy friend. I have and would trust him with anything. He is very reliable, punctual, detail-oriented and hardworking. Any instructions that are left will be carried out to the fullest. Your assets will be in great hands.I have known Renee about 3 years. She is hardworking, reliable and trustworthy as well. I haven’t known Renee as long as I have James, but it feels like I have known her just as long, if not longer. She has a way of making you feel right at home and comfortable. I know I could turn to Renee in a time of need and she would be there. I respect Renee as a person, mother and a great friend.

Together they are an unstoppable team. With both of their outstanding qualities you can’t go wrong. I would recommend this team to anyone without hesitation.

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